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*** Top Notch Tattoos By Brandon Notch ***

Now working in San Bernardino, CA, out of my private studio, in a 

comfortable, private, and professional setting.

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  • Artwork is changing lives and motivating the world around us. 

  • ART is life.. Let's tattoo the world with art. 


  • You will get nothing short of top quality, clean, safe, artistic tattooing 

by internationally recognized artist Brandon Garic Notch.

     Hidden away just east of Los Angeles, an hour drive away from the 

crowded sidewalks and the non-stop traffic of down town LA Is where you 

will find Sacred Saint working. The Artist is internationally recognized 

artist / author Brandon Notch. The studio is not your usual tattoo 

parlor / gallery, the world famous Studio is a private custom art studio. 

When you first walk in for your consultation you will notice a unique 

environment not just an ordinary studio. It resembles more of a 

comfortable neighborhood artist studio rather than a body art facility and 

definitely not like your friends tattoo shop. Brandon Notch wanted his 

clients to feel at home and comfortable while spending time under the 

needles in his studio. Not only is the studio comfortable, it is clean: 

offering top quality in workmanship and cleanliness in the Los 

Angeles / San Bernardino CA area while keeping the prices reasonable. 

The work you can expect to see from Brandon Notch ranges from 

traditional tattoos to vibrantly colored, Black and Gray, and Portrait 

tattoos. His specialty is large custom artwork, Brandon does have books 

to inspire his clients and keep his mind fresh. You will get nothing short of 

Top quality, Clean, Safe, Artistic Tattooing by Internationally Recognized 

And Well Known Artist Brandon Notch (aka Sacred Saint).

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All artwork and tattooing by Brandon Notch aka:Sacred Saint (copyright) Sacred Saint Studio and Art Gallery CA.